James currently presents Breakfast on ABC Radio Sydney. Before that, he did Afternoons. He's been on live radio since the mid '90s. He's made lots of TV, for Good Morning Australia, Showtime, Midday, It Takes Two, Exhumed, ABC Children's and possibly the shortest stint ever on Playschool. He's written some books and published articles in all the the major newspapers and magazines. When he left school, he went to work as a saxophone player. He spent the '80s in bands such as Models and Absent Friends, and recorded, toured and performed with Jo Camilleri, Wendy Matthews, Kate Ceberano, Pseudo Echo, Steve Cummings and many others.

He currently lives in Sydney, is married to a clinical psychologist and they have two adult children.


James continues to play. His current project is a jazz quartet, playing festivals, selling out clubs and gigs across Sydney. It's a fun swinging band featuring James on saxophone, playing classic soul groove tracks and giving the organ groove treatment to lots of much loved tunes. James studied classical saxophone and jazz in Melbourne, played in small groups, theatre shows and wedding bands before heading out onto the road with Jo Camilleri and his Cha band. This lead to regular touring and recording with the Dugites, Kids in the Kitchen, Pseudo Echo, Iva Davies, Richard Clapton,Steve Cummings, and Diesel. He joined Models and recorded two albums, Out of Mind, Out of Sight, and Media. Absent Friends released the hit singles I Don't Want To Be With Nobody But You, and they become Wendy Matthews Band and recorded her first two albums. At this point, James started to work in media, in children's TV on ABC Television, so stepped back from touring and recording at that level.


James has MCed every possible awards night and gala dinner. For scientists, engineers, artists, writers, politicians, judges and lawyers, the Defence Forces, the librarians, and the medical professions. He brings wit, warmth, and active engagement with the event. He responds to the brief with imagination and insight, he's a live broadcast master so is unfazed and always professional.