James has been presenting Afternoons on ABC Radio Sydney for twenty years. Over this time, James has developed a unique approach to talk radio. He is constantly enticing listeners to tell great stories from their own lives. Each day he throws up new segments, games, topics and challenges, all of which get people revealing themselves and amusing everyone who is listening. ‘Rant’ – you can call in but you must be angry about something; ‘This Is What I Live With’ – tell me about the thing your partner does that drives you crazy; ‘The New Normal’ – what are the rules of engagement for modern life?; ‘The Consultant Ethicist’ – call in with your ethical dilemmas and we’ll sort them out. 

It’s funny, engaging, witty and warm.

It’s what great talk radio should be – it’s great company.

James can be heard every weekday on ABC Radio Sydney from 2pm. 

The best of the program is reworked into the popular podcast Head Room.